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Unbridled Beauty


Join Ortal Elimeleh and discover her signature style! 

Learn how to: 

- Create clean bridal looks that enhance natural beauty 

- Infuse creativity into your makeup looks for a truly unique and expressive outcome

This course is available in
English, French & Spanish.

90 Day Access
91 Min

€120 Buy Course

Classic Bridal Glam


Miryam Shai's exclusive workshop will teach you how to get the perfect classic bridal look. 


- Miryam's secrets to a Picture-Perfect Complexion
- Romantic Eye Techniques
- How to achieve an elegant lip look that remains kissably attractive.

This course is available in
English & Hebrew

90 Day Access
80 Min

€17.50 Buy Course

Bridal Glam for Woman of Color


Join us for an empowering session where Joy shares her expertise in curating stunning bridal looks specifically tailored for women of color.

Learn how to:

- Create a flawless and radiant bridal base that matches different skin tones
- Accentuate the natural beauty of varying eye shapes and hues
- Highlight the distinctive beauty of women of color in bridal makeup

This course is available in
English, Spanish & French.

90 Day Access
108 Min

€17.50 Buy Course

Natural Bridal Makeup


Receive valuable insights from Natanne on what to do and what to avoid, empowering you to achieve a flawless and enduring natural bridal aesthetic.


- Techniques to create a natural bridal look
- Tips on ensuring your makeup withstands touches and tears without compromising its natural beauty


This course is available in
English, Spanish & Portuguese.

90 Day Access
75 Min

€17.50 Buy Course

Signature Bridal Glam


 Signature Bridal Glam A touch of luxury combined with a hint of the most delicate tones and textures, the Bridal Glam technique will make a bold statement, but it can also be used for the romantic brides out there. Stay tuned because you will fall in love with it.

Look 1: 100 Min

Luxe Beauty Explosion As the name suggests, it is a combination of light, luxury and beauty in one technique. It is an explosion of colors to take your breath away. I like to explore art in many forms, and makeup gives me the power to create using different colors and textures. I am going to guide you through my creative process and show you how I combine the products to achieve the most gorgeous look.

Look 2: 70 Min 

This course is available in
English, Spanish & Portuguese.

90 Day Access

€17.50 Buy Course

Elevated, Modern Bridal


The modern bride wants to look like herself but still GLAM! There’s a very personal connection that’s built with bridal clients and their needs are unique and specific to their special day.
Building a relationship to ensure they not only look their best but FEEL their best is of the utmost importance. Nicky Posley will be teaching us how to execute the perfect bridal look that can withstand hugs, tears, and all of the emotions a bride feels on her wedding day. 


This course is available in
English & Spanish.

90 Day Access
92 Min

€17.50 Buy Course

Sun Kissed Bridal Makeup


During the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic , in conjunction with the Support Creative initiative, Danessa Myricks Beauty hosted a full day of education to support artists who were greatly affected by the pandemic.
Sun kissed Makeup is one of the most preferred and loved looks by the brides in Greece. Sun kissed makeup look is the kind of look that the timeless, luxury bride would love to see herself in. Let’s explore together the most adored bridal look.

This course is available in
English & Portuguese.

90 Day Access
90 Min

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