Elevated, Modern Bridal

The modern bride wants to look like herself but still GLAM! There’s a very personal connection that’s built with bridal clients and their needs are unique and specific to their special day. Building a relationship to ensure they not only look their best but FEEL their best is of the utmost importance. Nicky Posley will be teaching us how to execute the perfect bridal look that can withstand hugs, tears, and all of the emotions a bride feels on her wedding day. 


Nicky Posley's journey into makeup began through a strong fascination with the
transformative power of beauty art and fashion. A 4ne artist 4rst, Nicky
experimented with many visual art forms, eventually 4nding the medium he felt
most at home with. He is both a working artist, and a respected educator of his
He believes that makeup is art, and that art is empowerment. Whether it be slick
and modern or primitive and rudimentary, art can evoke emotions deeply rooted in
the human experience. Like the human experience, it is ever-changing. . . always

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