Dimensional Skin For Woman of Color

There are hundreds of skin tones that have been identified ranging from light to dark with a variety of undertones.   As makeup artists , it is crucial that we are armed with the tools to successfully design skin for every skin tone! In this training we will talk about the nuances in skin tones for women of color and how to successfully strategize your application for the most natural , dimensional finish


Whether you are a makeup artist , a makeup enthusiast or just want to learn how to best strategize your makeup for your unique skin tone, this training video is for you.


In this program you will learn strategies for ;

  • Shade matching deeper skin tones
  • Working with multiple undertones on the face and body
  • Using foundations & powders to shape and sculpt
  • Creating a “no makeup” look , even when using full coverage foundation
  • Creating natural, dimensional highlights using varying textures
  • And so much more !


"This was by far a very detailed and informative video! I learned quite a lot. I’m excited to implement these techniques . Thanks for accommodating me to access this course despite the fact that my time had expired. I do appreciate you."  --Jacqueline

"DANESSA - WOW is all I can say!!! You are so talented and I love your under-painting technique in this video. So cool and love seeing you shine!"  -- Priscilla

"That was inspiring and so wonderful to watch! Cannot wait to put this to use!" -- Jenn

"Thank you so much for sharing these techniques! Not only did I learn so much, but your concept of underpainting glow blew my mind. I always worried about how my clients would feel with so many layers, but they way you explain it with your application process is so effective and natural! it brings out your models natural features and dimension to her complexion so effortlessly. LOVED IT!"  -- Victoria

"I have learnt so much very detailed and easy to understand. Ready to practice practice practice!!! Bless you Danessa your amazing!" -- Shona

"It is almost 3 am and I'm watching this. That's how much I love you work! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are truly an inspiration!" --Atia

"Awesome this skin look is what I want to perfect for my brides thanks for this awesome class!!!" --Lucielle

"Absolutely loved this class. Who knew adding so many layers and the skin could still look fresh and natural. I love it!!!! Power of three here I come. Thank you for supporting the NAACP."--Vihky

"This was fantastic! I've been doing this a long time, but was looking for something inspirational during COVID times. I definitely learned some tips and tricks I'm looking forward to incorporating. I would have never thought of underpinning the entire face with illuminator in that way! So stunning. Your placement really enhanced the models features. Also loved seeing your products in action. It's always great to watch a true artist at work. Thank you for creating this class!" --Myah

"Thank you very much Danessa for this great and helpful video. I am not a makeup artist but I enjoy makeup and I love to play with products on my everyday look. The model is gorgeous !!!  This was just what I needed! Thank you so much Danessa for sharing your wealth of information and amazing talent! I love you work!" -- Celie

 Disclaimer: These courses are full of demonstrations and techniques that Danessa Myricks has developed and throughout her career.  These digital workshops are designed to be a deep dive into Danessa’s personal style of makeup and the products she uses. These courses are not part of the US department of Education  & State Education Departments licensed course guidelines and are not intended for this purpose

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