Beauty Without Boundaries

Makeup is meant to be a form of self expression. There’s no boundary that can’t be pushed when it comes to exploring with colors, textures, and patterns. Celine Bernaerts is the perfect example of beauty without boundaries and in this course she’ll be taking us on a journey through her creative process when executing the unique looks that attracted her loyal following on social media.




Celine Bernaerts is a professional makeup artist, beauty editor, and content creator. In 2018, Celine shifted her focus to Instagram, where she creates unique makeup looks on herself. Subsequently, she invested in her own private professional production studio, where she conceptualizes, films, and edits all of her content from start to finish.

Celine opens her Instagram tutorial videos daily with “Good morning, love birds” and speaks candidly to her followers like they are her closest friends. Whether discussing the latest beauty and skincare release or talking throughout her tutorial, Celine is a charming, positive, and striking presence. Watching her you can tell public speaking comes easily to her; Celine is a true natural behind the camera.

Her editorial beauty background results in content that is insanely original. Bleached brows, unusual color patterns, face paints, you name it but always with a sense of refinement and eleg ance. She brings high fashion looks you typically see inside top magazines to life. Her artistic expertise combined with her authentic demeanor sets her apart from the traditional beauty influencers you see on your feed. And with her trademark bald head and accent, Celine will captivate you. She’s a breath of fresh air on your screen.

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