Beauty Reimagined with Julia Voron

A Journey in Texture in Color

The journey of every artist is a never-ending, constant evolution. Exploring tools and concepts to expand the depth of our unique artistry relies heavily on your understanding of texture and color and the strategies on how to manipulate them to bring your unique artistic ideas to life.

Julia Voron is a world renown Artist and Educator celebrated for her unique, exquisite use of color and texture. From clean beauty to editorial, classic to avant-garde, Julia’s work is and distinctly unique and unparalleled in the Industry.

Join us for her first ever presentation with Danessa Myricks University

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  Disclaimer: These courses are full of demonstrations and techniques that Danessa Myricks has developed and throughout her career.  These digital workshops are designed to be a deep dive into Danessa’s personal style of makeup and the products she uses. These courses are not part of the US department of Education  & State Education Departments licensed course guidelines and are not intended for this purpose

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